Thursday, May 23, 2013

It's Time to D-D-Duel!!!!!

 So this is the millennium puzzle (it took me 5 minutes to spell that, and I'm still not sure it's spelled correctly...)
 I'm going to my first Fanimecon this year, and I hear littlekuriboh, the guy who did the yugioh abridged series, was going to be there this year, so I made him this.
 I guess this is where I tell you about the show.  Yu-Gi-Oh and a children's tv show showing how epic card games with monsters can be, as long as they dictate the fate of the world.  The main character, Yugi, has this object, what I am calling the MP (I'm not trying to spell that again...) and inside has a soul of a pharaoh from forever ago, so when Yugi plays the card game called Duel Monsters, he turns into this other personality, though they are aware of each others presence.
 It was sooo hard to get a good photo, my camera just sucks.  I'd rather use a film camera.
I made this up myself, so no pattern link here. Well actually, I did borrow a parttern for the chain links here:

Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Mothers Day!!!!

  So May 12 this year was mother's day!  I made teddy bears for all the mothers in my family.
 Including my three cousins who have kids, my grandma, my two aunts, and my step-mom
Not Pictured:  the bear made for one cousin who got theirs the day previous, my boyfriend's mom, and the one I made for a friend.

EDIT: sorry, I forgot to credit the person who made the pattern I used, which can be found here:

That's what I get for staying up so late....

Thursday, April 18, 2013


 CAT!!! This is my cat Sissy, cuddling my recently made Espeon, the physic eeveelution
 I'm surprised I got her to look at the camera for 2 pictures.
 So yeah!! Espeon, my personal favorite eeveelution.  I first saw it in the pokemon game "Pokemon Colosseum", odly one of my favorite Pokemon games besides Mystery Dungeon.
 I actually made up this pattern by myself as well, including all the parts
 Remember the GenerikB post with the Hamster and the Bee?  Those bodies became these bodies for these eeveelutions.
 This one is Vaporeon, the water eeveelution
 I'm so happy with how the tail came out ^-^
 All the eeveelutions are a bit top heavy, so they like to headesk (slam their heads into the desk)

 This is Jolteon, the electric eeveelution.  I'm glad with how the necka nd tail spikes came out ^-^

 This was to show on my facebook my progress through the eeveelutions
 This is Umbreon, the dark eeveelution.

 And we have Flareon, the fire eeveelution
 I actually weighed down the body, and it doesn't make it top heavy any more!!!
 Also, I'm not sure how I like the head fluff, but I don't know what to do to make it better.... If you have an idea, post int eh comments ^-^
 and here's all the eeveelutions I've done
They so cute!!!!!   I haven'u done the other four because I don't have the colors, and yes, I am planning on doing Sylveon

Am I not Turtlely enough for the Turtle Club... Turtle Turtle

If you get the reference in the title, awesome!!!
 Anyways, in Febuary, it was my friend's birthday.  She volunteers at the ASPCA, and they had a tortoise  named Boris.  She always imagined it having a Russian accent.
 And so I made her a tortoise, even if i may call it a turtle
Not that you'll see, but every time I try to spell tortoise, I get a red line under the word, because I can't spell....

My Little Pony: Bracelets are Magic

 Though this first bracelet isn't pony related, it was the first bracelet I made, which spawned the idea to make the pony bracelets
Rainbow Dash 
All the Rainbow!!
 Twilight Sparkle
Pinkie Pie try 1
 Pinkie Pie try 2

I got the pattern from here:

GenerikB gift, soon to be sent

I know these two don't seem related, but they are!
 So there's a guy I regularly watch on Youtube, called GenerikB (channel here: )  He does video game lets plays, usually Minecraft, but he's been playing other games recently, like Viva Pinata, Don't Starve, and The Cave.  When he was playing the Cave, he talked about how he lost his hamster in college.  Up to this point, he also has a segment where he opens fan mail, and he has quite a bit of crocheting fans (if you did click the link, at the top there's a pic of him wearing a beanie that someone made that comes with a beard!) so I knew I wanted to make him something, but I didn't know what.  Then I hear his Hamster story, and I knew I had to make him one.
 and so I did.  Also making my own pattern in the process ^-^

It kinda looks like it has a pig nose.....  Anyways!  This also spawned be to realized I can make cute small things.  And part of GenerikB's thing is his fascination for bees in his games (the buzzlegum in Viva Pinata and the bees from the Feed the Beast mod for Minecraft).  So....

 I made him a bee!!!!
 Iz soooo cutes!!!!
 Ahem, sorry, slipped into lolspeak for a second there.  Anyways, this pattern also helped with a project I'm working on currently, and soon shall be uploading on to this blog.